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Welcome To CAL PERKS!
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CAL PERKS is the premier provider of Employee Perk Programs for
California companies of all sizes.  We currently service hundreds of
thousands of California employees, and their families, with
significant discounts and savings from our 200+ Partner Vendors.   

Our vast variety of Partner Vendors include Theme Parks,
Amusement Parks, Hotels, Sporting Events, Entertainment Venues,
Movie Theatres, Outdoor Recreation, Fitness Programs, Warehouse
Clubs and much more!

Thousands of California employers, their employees and families use
CAL PERKS because it is a true benefit, not just a ticket broker or
“click through” provider.  As a result of our direct relationship with
our Partner Vendors, we are able to deliver REAL discounts and
savings on the products, services and entertainment that you use

Regardless of the size of your company, CAL PERKS brings to you
the same perks, and more, than major employers have as part of
their benefits program.

If you company does not currently offer CAL PERKS,
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complete the “Request For Information” form and we will contact
your employer directly to explain the benefits of CAL PERKS.

If you are an employer and would like more information about the
benefits of CAL PERKS for your company,
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